Nov 18, 2010

My Social Hiatus

I felt it appropriate to post an update, as my fans deserve to know I'm still around. :)

If it hasn't been apparent, I have been on intentional hiatus for some time from regular blogging as well as status updates via Twitter and Facebook.

Why? I became a father almost four years ago (of the precious girls in the photo!). At that place in time I knew my life had changed forever. Everything would be different. Sacrifices needed to be made. Priorities changed. However, the music did not (nor has since) stopped.

As a parent I've been creatively inspired more than ever. I've been wanting to make my business grow and at the same time keep balance with my family and career passions. It was all a matter of time... I've just begun a partnership with a great manager (Matt Bucher) and agent here in Chicago. We've had numerous discussions and feel a great synergy on how we can work together. This will be an ever-evolving relationship. We trust there are many great developments and experiences to be had around my music as well as other artists we plan to work with.

There will be more social updates to come. Some quite regular, and I'm sure some short hiatuses as well. ;)

Be well and THANK YOU for being on the journey with me. All my fans are truly appreciated and a core inspiration for me to keep moving forward musically!