Dec 24, 2010

Letting Go to Seek

Sitting here a week before the end of 2010, I'm recalling the year and recognizing I have not fully carried out my 2010 creed. I've had a hard time letting go, particularly of things past. From the moments of genius (give thanks, pat yourself on the back and keep going) to the not so genius (forgive yourself) to the out of control (seek help from a higher power), letting go is a must. We must learn (not forget) from the past, really be present for the meaningful moments, and live for the future. We cannot control everything in our lives, be it business, people, or the car we do or don't drive. However, we can choose how to make use of the trials and joys life brings us.

Professionally and personally, 2010 has been one of my most challenging years. A new city, home, colleagues, friends, ideas, and plans with unknown outcomes. A whole new network, but actually an extension of my existing network. These are additional resources on my path in life. That's the key difference in how one can move forward. We can either jump right in and take advantage of what's been made available to us, or approach (and many times avoid) new opportunities with caution. This is where we must let go. Safety is always near, whether you see it or not. Our faith, friends, family, and soul are there to guide and support us.

Be bold. Let go of what holds you back. Fear is a contagious, dark, unproductive, and empty resolution. Holding on to negatives is a disease of self destruction. Seek wisdom and opportunity. Infect your network with hope. Think how your actions and decisions affect others, not just yourself. Reciprocate the lessons and positive support you receive and use it to fuel your passions in life.

For seeking a solution to challenges, mishaps, and disbelief there is a reward ... knowing you did not give in to an excuse, cynicism, or deceit.