Jan 20, 2012

Introducing RollingNote Piano

Happy New Year!

I wanted to let you know about a new and unique piano application I have been working on with a friend. It is called RollingNote, and it will help people of all ages and skill levels learn to play piano songs in a meaningful and modern way. It is launching very soon on Mac, Windows and iPad! Be the first to know when it launches by visiting http://www.rollingnote.com.

Note: There will be dozens of songs to select from and more to come (including songs by me and many other contemporary artists). More info below...

RollingNote is a universal app that supports music artists and makes it fun and easy to learn songs while playing along on your MIDI keyboard or acoustic piano. We believe everyone should be able to play piano. Beginner or expert, RollingNote is for the music lover in you.

Smash hit games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band prove that you can have tons of fun simulating instruments... but why stop there?! RollingNote uses the same interactive video game experience to teach you the skills you need and track your progress. Truly experience the joy of piano music.

Piano Instruction Has Evolved
- Learn piano on your own time (and if you take lessons, use as extra support)
- Simple scrolling notes replace sheet music 
- Play the songs you love and discover new music you will love to play

Music Made Flexible
- Choose skill complexity from a progressive selection of song levels
- Preview each song and level to hear how it is intended to be played
- Adjust song tempo to play at your own pace 
- Practice using left, right or both hands

- Grade and score your playing to track progress in real-time
- Share with friends, family and teachers
- Access grades, scores and manage music in your RollingNote app song library

Again, be the first to know when it launches by visiting http://www.rollingnote.com.

Thank you!