Feb 27, 2009

New Remix Album Coming Soon

I'm pleased to announce that I'll be working again with allMeadow on a new album. This will be a full-length downtempo/electronica remix album. We will be using samples from my current work and new riffs we both create.

allMeadow is based in the UK and we'll be collaborating via the Web and video. Gotta love the Internet. Given, I will definitely make it over to the UK in the future. However, I have my second child on the way and many other projects on my plate. So, doing what I can to get some more music out there.

We plan to have the album ready for release by summer. It will be available in both digital and physical format.

This project also supports the new genre labeling of my music. With the release of Reconstruction, my music is now referred to as "Contemporary Piano." New Age is not the best genre to describe the music, so I changed things up. Many services that sell my music will soon be labeling all albums with a new genre that best fit the style. There will still be a few services that will use New Age as the genre. Just think of it as "general/contemporary" New Age. :)
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