Jan 1, 2009

Acoustic Pianos Only

With the fresh start to a new year, I want to help clear up a misunderstanding I've seen a few comments on around the Web. Some people think I recorded Woods of Chaos (my 2nd album) on an electric piano. Negative, didn't do it and not going to do it, would not be prudent. :) I record all my contemporary piano albums using an acoustic piano. It's truly the only way I can get the dynamics right (I even held a few strings for "Tulip Trees"). The piano in the photo at the top of this blog was actually used for Woods of Chaos. Below is a segment from the album notes many listeners may not have read.

"I recorded Woods of Chaos in HD at 192kHz - 24 bit. The songs are meant to be loud and more in your face."

Hence the bit of an electronic sound in parts. It really was/is an experimental and venting album for me. Technology keeps getting better. Speaking of technology, click here to check out the story behind the mic for Reconstruction.

Moving on... Happy New Year once more!
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