May 7, 2008

The story behind the mic

My co-producer (and engineer) and I went into the studio thinking we were going to be using the Neumann KM254 mics used on Sophomore Jinx. We loved the sound and it seemed to fit well with the theme of the new album (Reconstruction). However, we had a nice little surprise from London that arrived just in time. A Royer stereo ribbon mic that was used to record piano and strings for the music in the upcoming film Prince Caspian (part of The Chronicles of Narnia). It was sweet and truly delivered the piano with the sound we were looking for. A bit ironic too since The Chronicles of Narnia were my favorite books in childhood. Like it was meant to be.

The album is currently being mixed and mastered. It should be available in digital download by mid June on my site (physical CDs late June). It will hit iTunes, Amazon and other online stores within the next 1-2 months.