Jan 21, 2009

25 Things

Last night I was challenged by a Facebook contact of mine to share 25 things people may not know about me. I accepted. Thought I’d share on my blog as well. Part of the rules were to post a note with my “25″ and tag 10 people to do the same.

I encourage anyone reading this blog post to do this, whether personally or to share with others. This was a really great exercise for me. Some of this info I haven’t thought about in ages. It was great to reflect, inspire myself and hopefully others.

1. I only remember two things from when I was under the age of 5. One, standing in my crib one night. The second, laying on a hospital table being pinned down. I couldn’t pee and I had to be fixed. Oh, the pain! :)
2. When she was told she only had six months, my mom overcame ovarian cancer for 4 1/2 years. As a child, the extra time with her greatly contributed to and changed my life.
3. I ran track in high school (skipped my junior year) - 300M Hurdles (and a lame attempt at long jump). I wasn’t superb, but I did grow and have fun.
4. I went to a private school for grades 5-12. No jeans, collared shirts, discipline.
5. I tried out for Sister Act 2. I passed the music audition. I stunk at acting at the time, oh well. Why didn’t they just let me play piano and keep my mouth shut!? :)
6. My family only has one car and Honda is our choice (to conserve and save on gas).
7. I love to take photos. I want to keep improving my photography.
8. I started off college majoring in music. I felt it was sucking the creativity out of me, so I changed majors. Hence, my first album Sophomore Jinx.
9. I dislike conflict and enjoy seeing other people happy…both professionally and personally.
10. I want to start yoga, but been too self conscious (I’m not very flexible). I’m determined to get over it.
11. I tell everyone I get the chance to follow their passion. Everyone has a talent, whatever “it” may be. Use it.
12. My immediate family is somehow mesmerized by giving cards to each other on birthdays. We all pass them around to read each occasion.
13. I absolutely despise when people tail me. You’ll know it’s me when you see my classic thumbs up and smirk (versus the alternative) when they pass me.
14. I have 10 beautiful nieces and nephews (and one on the way) that range in age from a few months old to 27. Yah, the older ones are like siblings.
15. I played Little League Baseball for 7 years (ages 5-12). I was pretty good. I often wonder what would have happened if I stuck with it. I don’t want the feeling again, which is why I do my best to go with my gut.
16. I never went to prom. My school didn’t have dances at the time. I was asked by a girl from another school and turned her down (not due to her, but I was too timid). Ironically, I love to dance now and made up for it in college and beyond.
17. My wife and I got engaged in Rome.
18. I love pretty much anything on the History Channel, Food Network or TLC. However, time spent is moderated. :)
19. If I could have joined The Police for one day as the fourth member on keys, I would have done anything to get there.
20. In high school I was obsessed with JCrew. One reason, because I didn’t get to wear their clothes due to being the youngest and having hand-me-downs. Another, my mom dressed me preppy when I was very young. Due to that, the clothes always seemed to best capture who I was… my “look.” I buy more than half my clothes there today.
21. When I start something I have to finish it. My paternal grandfather used to tell me that all the time. I think he enjoyed some of my longer projects. I used to woodwork with him as a kid.
22. My family comes first. That’s the only thing that will stop me from what I started. :)
23. My maternal grandfather was a painter (of houses), but he sang and played harmonica very well. Think that’s where much of my influence sprung when I was young.
24. Two of my brothers are step brothers. They’ve been in my family since I was 12, so they’re blood now. All five of my brothers are different, but they all make me laugh (and poke fun at me).
25. Spiders freak me out.

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