Nov 3, 2008

People Are the Music

I played for a private party this past weekend on a nicely tuned and well-kept Yamaha grand. It's always interesting to get the feel of a new piano (that is, new to me). Anyway, about the party... I really like playing in intimate settings where I can spend more time talking to people. I enjoy hearing what other people do as well as the various types of music they like and how it affects their lives in different ways.

There was a gentleman who pulled up a chair right next to me for a couple songs and just watched me play. Now, that's literally getting into the ambiance. And that's something that really struck a chord with me (no pun intended). People are the music. As I've stated many times in past and present, I want people to create their own experience with the songs. It's not just about me or simply providing a melody and entertaining people. Be it my family, friends or fans, they are the music. They are what keep me inspired to create and do my best to set a mood or share some stories through those 88 keys.
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