Oct 24, 2008

Indiana, Stop Tailing Me!

I recently drove up to Chicago to meet up with some of my family. This is a frequent drive for me. I was alone on this particular drive. Therefore I was a bit more aware of one of my biggest pet peeves, which I'm consistently harassed with every time I drive on 65 in Indiana.

It occurs in packs of cars, in both lanes, and to people who are already speeding. No surprise there are so many accidents.

I've also found the same problem here in Indianapolis. I had to write this post so I could tactfully denote my frustration. Maybe something got into our crops. :) My friends and family from other states make the same claim. I don't get what the rush is. You'll find some of the people thinking they own the road (all of us who pay taxes own it!) are in no state of emergency. You'll end up seeing them at one of your stops or final destination.

So Hoosiers, please stop tailing other drivers. It's not friendly or safe. Isn't the rule one car per 10mph? Maybe some melodic piano pieces will calm you down. ;)
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