Jul 7, 2007

Six months of being a new dad

(Maddie, who has recently discovered her feet)

What I've learned:
  • My child is priority #1 over all else
  • The world does not revolve around me
  • I do not have to rearrange my entire life... organizing makes all the difference
  • I don't need 8 hours of sleep to function normally
  • Moms are hot
  • Diaper changing is easy... just be sure to use the right size diapers (don't learn the hard way)
  • Being spat or soiled on is not a problem... let it go and bring an extra shirt if you're going out
  • Not every cry or noise is a sign of distress
  • Taking time for myself is OK... just make sure mom gets time too
  • Hiring a baby sitter is not the end of the world
  • There is no such thing as having too many baby clothes, blankets or burp cloths
  • There is no such thing as too many pictures or video
  • Baby toys are entertaining for both babies and adults (gotta love technology)
  • Shopping for baby clothes is more fun than going to Fry's (almost, but not quite)
  • Strapping in baby and lifting the car seat is second nature
  • Baby inherently trusts mom and dad above all else (lead by example)
  • Pretty much anything can be accomplished with one arm
  • There is such a thing as a "schedule" for baby. It's up to mom and dad to make it happen. Much patience required, but it will set in. I'm a believer!
  • I will never love anything more than my child (and any future children)