Mar 27, 2013

March Madness

I've been meaning to blog regularly, and here I am typing my second post of 2013. Hmm... I do have some solid justification. I shall disclose.

To start, the Indiana Hoosiers (my Alma mater) are hard at work trying to give me and my fellow alumni a nervous breakdown. What a season! It's been 10+ years since I've watched so much basketball. Excited to see how the Hoosiers take on the Orangemen tomorrow night in Sweet 16 action. Go Big Red!

Moving on...

I'm planning a new album! OK, so I've said this a few times the past couple years. :) The fact is I'm putting a little more thought. First, starting with a couple melodies and themes. I can't believe it's been almost 5 years since my last solo album. This time around is a bit different than the last. I'm obviously taking my time with this one. I really want to deliver something more meaningful. For now let's say the project will be more rich, whole, and may take on more than one form. Is that vague enough?

I recently sent my buddy allMeadow a new riff to play around with. I feel it's quit catchy, and we should have a solid remix to share anytime now.

I have been traveling a bit, and was recently down at SXSW (Austin, TX). Good times. This was an educational and networking visit for me. I'd really like to perform the next time around. BTW - Any podcast lovers out there? I got to spend a little time with C.C. Chapman (see photo). He's a truly great guy and long time supporter of my music.

My newly 6-year-old (Madeline) started piano lessons! She's a natural. This girl is going to crush anything that I've accomplished when she comes of age. I mean it. So proud of her! She has a solid contemporary teacher, who will be exploring and instructing beyond classical music. Her mom and I help her practice. I'm trying to keep some distance, so she has no pressure. My reasoning is that any form of art is best delivered with genuine passion.

Before I sign off, I must ask, is it really almost April? The continued cold weather tells me otherwise. You know something is wrong when your 3-year-old tells you "this is the worst spring ever." Yep, this literally (and randomly) came out my Ellie's mouth today. :) The fam and I are hanging out for a few days at our place in Sauk County, Wisconsin. Great place to reflect, relax and get in some quality time together.

Have a great day!

CC Chapman and me

Spring, where are you? I implore you to show your warm face!