Nov 11, 2012

Giving (Daily) Thanks

This year I'm taking a bit longer to inhale and exhale as the holidays approach. As I fire up the blog editor and begin to document the thoughts on my mind, I'm vowing to truly focus and enjoy each moment with family and friends this season.

Stating the obvious, I often find having no agenda is a great muse to start winding down and focus. That is, going with the flow and clearing my mind to enjoy and take in the moments. (Yes, this is often a longer process for me to begin than I care to admit.) Ultimately, I desire to get to a state of unforced momentum. So I don't miss the little sparks of inspiration...the powerful subtlety and result of a single expression or image.

Around the neighborhood or at work, have you begun to hear "This year flew by...faster than the last."? Like so many of us, I say a comparable statement near the end of every year. Yet, these are the same 365.2 days I had last year, and the year before that, and the year before that... What did I do with each 24 hours? How did I contribute? What was accomplished? How much did I complain? How did I advise? How did I give thanks?

Well, I'm...

- Thankful to our veterans for defending and loving a brave and free nation at all costs. 

- Thankful to my family for their love, patience, and encouragement. 

- Thankful to my fans for providing intense support and inspiration. 

- Thankful to my colleagues and friends for making each day like a baseball practice. We are a team supporting and learning from each other, seeking common goals to keep playing and improving. 

- Thankful (that long ago) my mom and dad exemplified to me the power and meaning of thanks, loving one another, and the ubiquitous mercy and equality bestowed by our maker.

- Thanks be to God for giving us a choice, empowering us, and always being there in the darkness and the light.

Moving forward, I shall do my best to reflect more frequently on this blog. To keep my priorities in check. To center on the good and how I can use it to make tomorrow even better. There is always daily thanks to be had after you see the sun rise...and set.