Sep 7, 2011

2011 Updates

Greetings Fans!

I hope this update finds you well, practicing optimism and living your inspirations. If you are like me and need a nudge from time to time, I highly recommend you get a copy of A Philosopher's Notes by Brian Johnson.

To say the least, it has been a challenging 2011 for many people around the world. Here at home for me in the United States, the 10th anniversary of September 11 is upon the country. In light of optimism, let us all continue resilience worldwide and keep moving forward (see my post on Perseverance).

EP Coming Soon
I have been working on some new melodies, which I plan to send to my favorite collaboration and mixing expert, allMeadow. Stayed tuned for an EP featuring some electro-chill remixes. BTW - Check out a couple of our previously unreleased mixes finally available for download at Fall Promotion
Please vote for me to be the face of on a NYC Times Square billboard. Who knows, I might get to perform! Visit to vote on my profile (top right of page). Thanks for your support!

New Album in the Works
It is time to crank out (and record) some more compositions. I am in the creative stages of a new solo piano album. Given all wants and needs move forward, this will be a very unique project. My goal is to release the album in 2013. Oh, and more sheet music will be coming too!

Until next time...