Jan 15, 2010

Support from Afar

As I sit in my chair with my coffee and air conditioning, I'm feeling quite spoiled and likely a bit too comfortable. The disaster in Haiti keeps coming to mind as I attempt to get my day-to-day projects completed.

I must remain where I am at this time, but this chair doesn't have to stop me from helping those in need. Large scale events such as this earthquake are always a solid reminder that there are continuously people in need worldwide, be it on a small, medium or large scale. We can provide support and help people wherever our location.

No matter how busy we are today or the priorities we must regularly attend to, there is always time for one or more of the following:

Pray - A positive thought, a minute of meditation, a shout out to God. Whatever the flavor, we all have at least a moment to send some positive energy where it is needed.

Give if you can - For example, eBay's Giving Works program is a great way to buy, sell or directly donate to more than 40 organizations working to support the Haiti disaster.
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