Dec 8, 2009

Nourish America

I recently reached out to Nourish America. They are a great organization and in need of donations more than ever. The following message was written by Charlotte (at Nourish America) for my December newsletter.

Nourish America provides daily nutrition to children by providing them with nourishing foods and nutritional supplements. Why? With unemployment over 17% in America, many children are malnourished. Malnourished children are too tired to focus in school, are uninterested in play and have low self-esteem, lacking the hope and motivation to succeed in life. Giving these children the high quality nourishment they need can quickly change them. Their bodies and minds make quick use of new nutrients and rev into a higher level of function creating energy, joy and a sense of well-being. Through Nourish America, providing nutrition to one individual in need costs only ten cents per day. And 94% of each donation goes directly to our programs! There are millions who need nutritional support during the present economic crisis. Nourish America welcomes your support during this Holiday season and invites you to help improve the lives of our neighbors in need with daily nutrition that will increase their energy, their immune strength and their ability to face their challenges. Happy Holidays!!