Jul 10, 2009


I recently had a long recollection of a specific period of my life back in college. I believe it's because I am in a very different mindset today and was reflecting how I got here. This was a time before I met my wife. I was still growing up (as always) and dealing with the ups and downs of dating, studying, and figuring out my place in the world. If I could go back I would not change the people I met or the challenges I faced, but I would have changed my attitude. For quite some time I struggled with a lack of confidence, mental strength, and patience. This happens when you let negativity get the best of you. Whether it's something of the past, present or just a pest, be better and bigger than it. Don't let it overtake you. Don't take its attitude. Look forward and make use of the positive around you. Change your attitude. Until you do, things will not improve and you will not grow.