Jul 19, 2008

What's Missing in B-town?

Melissa, Maddie and I went to Bloomington today to pay a visit to our alma mater, Indiana University. First, it had been awhile since we were in B-town. I was very saddened to find out one of my favorite spots to frequent back in college is nothing but memories (frown, sniff, tear). Farewell Macri's, farewell. ;) However, it is a downer of a story.

Aside from filling my stomach I also had some real business to attend to. I was completing the transcription process for "Not Alone" with one of the school of music masters students (btw - sheet music should be up and ready on my site next week). If you haven't spoken to anyone in the music industry about sight reading and transcription, it's an interesting subject. Many musicians don't transcribe their own music. Many of the composers or transcribers can't sight read well or perform on the instruments for which they write the parts... and many musicians don't even read music (that is, non music students who become musicians). It's an anomaly.

Album update: Reconstruction is going to mastering next weekend. Finally! The new album will likely first be available on Magnatune.com in mid August or so. Other digital networks, etc. late August and September.