Apr 26, 2008

Almost showtime

Seems I'm blogging less and less. The trend is obvious in my archive from January '07 (becoming a parent) to today. :) I hope to post a bit more in the future.

I've been making some final tweaks to my new songs. I'm recording in six days and a little nervous and excited as usual.

Here is some more insight to the album. The theme of the album is about reconstructing myself and my experiences in this world. Moving forward is always a struggle. You just have to do your best to put bad experiences behind you and cherish good experiences (and apply them ongoing).

Themes on the album range from my awesome little girl, trips, falling in love, and not being heard or respected (not going to go into details, just something that happens to us all at one time or another).

Can't wait to get in the studio. I'll try to upload some pics and updates each day from the recording sessions.