Apr 12, 2008

3 Weeks

I'm 3 weeks away from recording my next album in the city of angels and just finished pre-production tracks for my producer. Yes, I'm late but have a great excuse. I play acoustic piano! I had a crazy time getting all my new audio recording equipment to work in line with my new studio piano. I fully understand why they give out degrees for this now. :) I'm good with computers, but this became another story. This project literally spanned over 6 weekends to get things right and ultimately became a family endeavor. Thanks to my father-in-law's assistance last weekend all is well (he's very good with electronics).

I'm looking forward to completing the project. In the meantime I'm still working on fishing up a few of the songs.

BTW - I'll be in the same studio where Sophomore Jinx was recorded (same piano as well). The album will have a calmer theme and tone in comparison to Woods of Chaos.