Feb 17, 2008

Album Update: working underground

This is what happens when you become a parent. Since my free time is at night after my daughter has gone to sleep, I cannot bang away at an acoustic piano. So, I'm setting up shop in my basement as I prefer to work from home (yes, wires running everywhere). I need a place I can spend more time. I have my trusty Korg X3 and Yamaha P85. I need to do some rearranging, a proper chair, and probably some posters for scenery. :) However, this will suffice. I actually quite like it.

I plan to record (on an acoustic piano) late spring out in Los Angeles. I blame my producer who reserved dates with other artists prior to May (Dusk, why do you torture me!?). :) All the more time to get my new songs right. I'm actually re-recording one of my songs (TBA later) in its full version and slowing it up a bit. Until then...off to the basement.