Jan 16, 2007

Pride or Passion

"Pride makes us artificial and humility makes us real.”
~ Thomas Merton, American spiritual teacher, writer and Trappist Monk (1915-1968)

Many people are misunderstood. Passion has definitely been misunderstood many times for pride. In the Internet world, it's sometimes hard to tell, being that we deal with virtual friends and business employees we never physcially meet.

In relation to music, I believe the music and efforts put forth by an artist show their true character and end goal. I could care less about being famous or if I outsold another artist. That's not what art is about. I care about creating meaning, inspiring and entertaining others and growing spiritually and mentally in the process. That is the path I seek. I hope my efforts come across in this light. Talking about this publically in a blog or otherwise takes away a bit of the modesty. However, this is a personal journal and helps to keep me in line.