Dec 8, 2006

New music search service - this is the way to find music

Creative Commons and Owl Multimedia, Inc. launched a clever new music discovery service today.

How it works:
  • You upload your favorite song
  • Select your favorite part of the song
  • OWL finds songs similar to the sound you selected
How wicked is this!?

Over 10,000 tracks released under the Creative Commons licensed are currently available. Search results can be refined by several characteristics (i.e. year, genre). Per John Buckman, founder of (who's music is featured on Owl Music Search), "Owl’s search engine uses acoustic analysis, audio description and similarity algorithms to create and compare digital descriptions of thousands of tracks, and return similar sounding songs. With the site’s browser-based application, which includes a built-in media player, a user can open a song, pinpoint a region of interest, and then search for tracks containing similar sounds."

Wow. I believe this is a great way to discover new music. I have a favorite part for every song I love. For example, John Mayer's new song "Belief." When it kicks into the chorus and he's singing "we're never gonna win the world." Love the guitar and bass work as well as the vocal harmonies.