Oct 25, 2006

Bring back the smiles

I wish I took a picture on Monday when I flew out to California (I'm on business :P). I was sitting in the Denver airport. Man, what a sight. Not a smirk on anyone's face. What's going on? Is there that much to be distressed and depressed about? Yes, if you're focused on the negative, but what are you doing about it!? Overpower it with positive thoughts and gratefulness. Most people (in the airport) were on business or vacation. Both very rewarding in their own right.

I know I sound cheesy, but seriously, we have it all here in the US. Let's do something positive with it and be grateful for our privileges. Referring to a recent post of mine, we’re lacking a common mission and passion that previously exisited. Let’s keep it above ground and remember and fight for who we are and those who seek freedom and equality. I truly believe we all have the same potential. The hard part is making it happen. You have to find your passion. Discover what's rewarding to you. What makes you smile? What makes you feel you accomplished something positive? Music, technology, cleaning, business development, selling, driving, baby sitting, talking to people, crafts, construction, numbers... Whatever it is, go after it with open arms.