Sep 7, 2006

Who's watching me?

Are Internet services crossing the line? With the rise of analytic tools that inform a site or blog author of who is coming to their site, where should the line be drawn?

Do people honestly believe Internet services did not previously track user activity? It just wasn't made available to site visitors and members. Now the visitor or member can track their own profile, blog or site for free or for a small fee.

I'm a fan of leaving it up to the user. is a great resource. Only if I visit another person's community page within MyBlogLog will they see that I visited. The great tools surrounding the service are the analytical tools for individual sites or blogs. I can see how many unique readers I have, what they clicked, where they came from, but not who they are (which is fine with me). However, with public content, we do have rights. Some of the available analytic tools in the end may help with Internet fraud and predators.

Is it really the site tracking you who's the "stalker" or is it you? It's up to you in the end how often you visit a site, blog or profile and how much information you wish to make public in your own Internet community profiles, blogs, and sites.