Sep 21, 2006


I got some great news this week. One of my songs from Woods of Chaos was selected by a major business for a mood compilation CD, which will be distributed worldwide (physical release) in retail stores (the store is not decided or disclosed at the moment). However, it will be along the lines of Pottery Barn or the like.

I was also contacted not too long ago about getting "Return to Flat Rock" on a downtempo compilation CD, produced and distributed by a major label. Obviously, I'm hoping this moves forward.

I'm very pumped up about these opportunities, as I've been trying for over two years to get on such a compilation. It's great for exposure and will certainly help me on my musical mission. One more step ahead.

I'm very grateful and will continue to keep my head up and working on moving forward in this crazy industry. Slowly accomplishing the dream. The ground work is required, along with a strong passion and sense of persistence and patience (all items that I must continuously worked on).