Apr 3, 2006

Discover Music

I recently created an new forum (pod) for "Discovering Music" at Zaadz.com. Come join in on many great discussions.

Click here to check out my pod.

This pod is for discovering music (inspirational, spiritual, relaxing, pumped up motivational, etc.) as well as encouraging the study of music (whether it’s simply listening or actually taking lessons, etc).

Music is a great self-development outlet. For musicians and students of music, the classic instruments are great tools to build character, discipline and creativity. For both musicians and general music lovers, music is universal. It can turn a bad attitude upside down, create a stress free study session, make the party, marry two lovers, be the soundtrack to your workout or the accompaniment of your life.

What music inspires you? Do you study music? How is it helping you move forward? Do you want to study music?