Feb 9, 2006


Congratulations to my favorite band of all time (just behind is The Police), U2, on winning 5 GRAMMYs.

Related to my own genre of music, Silver Solstice (by Paul Winter Consort) won for Best New Age Album. This was released by Paul Winter's own label (Paul is a saxophonist and composer). This provides great inspiration to me and my label, Tourist Records.

Check out all the nominees at GRAMMY.com. I wonder how long the telecast would be if all 108 categories were aired (5 seconds for each acceptance speech). :) Would be interesting. It's always a bit frustrating to know many artists don't get the same public recognition. Showcasing different genres than the "norm" would be a great way for music lovers to discover new music. Most of us are already well aware of the musicians who get air time and perform. Mix it up.