Dec 13, 2005


People are really on edge this year with all the hype around what 'holiday' items to display in stores, what to say to people, etc. I find it quite pathetic.

I was so happy the Capitol's 'Holiday Tree' was recently changed back to the 'Capitol Christmas Tree.' That's what it is.

If someone doesn't celbrate a specific holiday, they shouldn't make comments. Have respect for those that do and move on.

I celebrate Christmas. So, I'm going to make some comments. It's not 'X-mas.' This term is blatantly offensive and should be banned from use. Christmas is a religious holiday, whether people want to accept it or not. It’s truly based on religion, but has been overshadowed with commercialism the past couple centuries. Even people that don’t regularly go to mass or church services show up for Christmas Eve services. I always find this very interesting. Churches are always jam packed. As much as people want to resist what Christmas is about, many still recognize the truth when it comes down to it.

A lot of people don't know that Christmas and the legend of Santa Claus (aka St. Nick) started from the efforts of Saint Nicholas of Myra, a 4th century Christian bishop.

Should Hanukkah be changed to another name? Should we all celebrate Hanukkah? Should anyone tell the Jewish popluation how to celebrate their holiday? Of course not. It would be very wrong and offensive.

There are two sides to 'all-inclusive.' A respect for all holidays is a must. But, trying to change the meaning and ideals behind any holiday to be an all-inclusive celebration just sets a course for disaster and ignorance. However, we can be all-inclusive in our wishes and respect to those celebrating a specific holiday.

So, Happy Holidays! Celebrate your specific holiday with sincerity and meaning.