Nov 15, 2005

Laughing and Slapping (my knee)

My wife and I have been trying to see Kicking and Screaming since it came out on DVD. We're big Will Ferrell fans. After 6 trips to the video store over the past two weeks one copy was finally available to rent.

Great movie. It's a very funny, sleaze free, and accurate film (most of the time). Rent or buy the movie if you've ever played team sports. I played team sports (baseball, soccer, and a little basketball) when I was a kid. I also spent five years working online in the youth sports industry with, and the movie reminded me of my many encounters with customers and members. I experienced a lot of positive and surprisingly negative realities within youth sports. I have found the keys to youth sports are team work, physical and mental development, and fun. Not competition. Not power. Not winning. Many people may say "of course, that's a given," however, it often plays out differently on the field, court, ice rink, etc.