Sep 15, 2005

iTunes Australia - Bring it On!

I'm posting this entry in support of my Australian fans.

Alright Apple, what's going on? Bring on iTunes Australia! There are over 20 million people waiting anxiously at their computers. :)

Look at these articles published October 2004 and May 2005:

Apple Insider

It appears to be a major record label holding up the launch. I say launch now and delay any music tied to that specific label. They can get it up later. There are thousands of other artists waiting for their music to be available to fans. I don't think customers would get ticked if some music was missing (as long as they knew it would be available later). At least they'd have something to start with...instead you give them nothing. Crazy.

Personally, my fans are buying in my online store (and paying the hefty shipping charge) or on other digital networks such as Magnatune. Lost says Apple, lost sales...

John Mayer's (John Mayer Trio) new iTunes exclusive single, "Who do you think I was," is very kickin'. Hey Australia, want me to hum it for you and post it up on my site?