Aug 10, 2005

Where I Got My Name...

I had dinner with my parents this evening and was reminded where my name "Rob" (officially Robert) came from. I had forgotten about it (stupid me), and it's quite interesting (at least to me). Back in that day they did not know if I'd be a boy or girl. I think they wanted a girl after having so many boys. Sorry guys, you have another wild child on your hands. :)

My first name came from the TV show My Three Sons. One of the sons was named Robbie. Now, the show ended before I was born, so don't start thinking what you're thinking.

Alright, my middle name "Norman" came from Time magazine. My dad wanted my initials to be the same as his, so he and my mom started flipping through a Time magazine in the delivery room. On the editors page, someone's name was "Norman." There you go. And, hence why some people call me Norm.

Robert Norman Costlow

And, to top it off, my cousin married the grandson of Fred MacMurray (the Father on My Three Sons). Crazy.

I'll get to the whole origin of the surname "Costlow" someday.