Aug 30, 2005

The Negativity Chain

I've been working on my patience...especially when driving. You ever wonder what one word, gesture, or look can do?

Example: Someone cuts me off (happens way too often around here). I get ticked off and honk or give them my classic sarcastic thumbs up. This gets the other driver even more fired up (as they're already in a hurry or ticked off by someone else). They typically flick me off, get irritated themselves and speed ahead to continue to cut other people off, continuing a chain of ticked off people.

Now I'm in a bad mood for a moment and I may snap at another person in my car (or someone on my cell phone). I just made that person irritated and they may snap at someone else.

You see where I'm going. You've heard it all before. I don't know about you, but when I'm ticked, I tend to do things faster and not think rationally. I wonder if we didn't snap at people would we all be in better moods each day? Would we be more calm and in less of a hurry?

Patience is key. I have to stop and avoid contributing to the negativity chain. Life is so much bigger than how fast I can get to my destination.